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Frequently Asked Questions
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Why the name Ranch Story?

Ranch Story is the literal translation of the Harvest Moon series, Bokujou Monogatari.

What happened to Evergreen?

A lot. To keep it short though, we wanted to start fresh even changing the name.

What's with all the sprites?

Just a fun little feature, y'know? Why don't you go click on them?

I'm stuck, where do I go?

This site has a unique interactive quality to it. Click the different Houses to view different games, or click the links on the right to view the other areas of this site. You can also hover over and click the sprites in the four corners to hear what they have to say.

What will happen to the fan work?

Currently there are no plans for the old fan work, although the Gallery is available, but no longer works. We may bring them back in the form of an archive however, though this is not currently a priority.

Will my old account work?

No, you'll need to register again.

How do I register for an account?

Click here to join us and follow the registration steps.

Can I get an avatar on my comments?

No. You can't create, change, or select an avatar for your account. It's too much clutter; we would rather keep the overall look simple and consistent.

Where can I choose different skins for this site?

This is the only skin for the website. It can no longer be changed for individual accounts.

May I use your screenshots/videos?

Generally we don't allow our screenshots/videos to be used on other websites, since they're part of what makes Ranch Story unique. However, if you ask nicely we may let you use a few; just contact us first.

How do you take screenshots?

There are two ways you can take screenshots of the games. The first is to play the rom on your computer then simply press Print Screen and paste the image into an image editor. The other way it to hook the console up to the TV then hook the TV up to the computer (or directly to the computer if you want, though the TV is better); to do this you must have a special graphics called known as a Capture Card. With the Capture Card you may take screenshots and even video clips, so you'll find that by getting one you can do quite a bit.

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