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Harvest Moon: Connect to a New Land for 3DS announced! Darth Paper Boy
Not too many details announced so far, but it's for the 3DS and will be making good use of the 3DS's connectivity features between players. Check out the early screenshots and character art work on Famitsu!

Continuing information, as always, will be present on our forum.
10 October 2013, 14:08 pm Comments (1)

Ranch Story on Facebook! Kozunai
Starting this morning Ranch Story is now on Facebook! Our goal there is to keep in touch with our forum members as well as gain new ones. We will be posting daily facts that you may or may not know about the Harvest Moon series.

I hope everyone will go add Ranch Story as their friend on Facebook!
8 February 2013, 13:59 pm Comments (1)

XSeed takes the reigns for Rune Factory 4! Darth Paper Boy
After a long time of no word on who RF4 would be localized by or when to expect it to be brought to America, Xseed has recently announced that they would be localizing the game. Previously, they released Rune Factory Frontier on the Wii and lately they've been really busy!

The game is set to release this Summer and can already be preordered! What's more, for lovers of niche titles, it seems Xseed is setting up for a really great 2013. Along with Rune Factory 4, Xseed will be releasing Killer is Dead on PS3 and 360, Ys: Memories of Celceta for Vita, Pandora's Tower, the last of the Operation Rainfall games for Wii, Valhalla Knights 3 for Vita, and Ys I & II Chronicles on Steam!
5 February 2013, 23:32 pm Comments (0)

Harvest Moon: A New Beginning shipping early! Darth Paper Boy
Just a quick news blurb: Earlier today an automated e-mail came from Natsume's shipping system notifying everyone who pre-ordered the game that the release date has changed to October 19th. Now Natsume's facebook page seems to confirm this to be true! s'pretty nice for Natsume to change the date to be sooner for a change, huh?
18 October 2012, 18:48 pm Comments (0)

Harvest Moon: A New Beginning 15th Anniversary Edition announced Darth Paper Boy
Today, Natsume announced on their news page that they will be releasing an exclusive version of Harvest Moon: A New Beginning to their own online store. The bonus included in this special edition is a 12 inch plush cow for a mere $10 more. If the extra cash is a little too rich for you, a standard version provided by Gamestop as well as Natsume's store will come with a bonus plush yak.

Preorders for the Anniversary Edition open on September 24th at Natsume's online store, while others have already began taking orders. The release date is currently set for November 6th.
28 August 2012, 22:43 pm Comments (0)

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