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Harvest Moon Artist Spotlight #22 and a touch of news. Darth Paper Boy

Though it's technically still going, it sure feels like Autumn is fading away just as soon as it came, doesn't it? The leaves are still abundant, but the chill is getting harsher and several more northern areas are getting their fair share of snow. Hopefully we can get our fair share of those great Autumn days before they completely fade away this year.
Artist: "325"
Artist Site/Blog: Here

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From the looks of Igusa's blog, I think the online Harvest Moon game is now active. Unfortunately, it's still in Japanese so that's not very helpful. More scans of Rune Factory Oceans have been brought to attention on our forums from other forums that helps mostly highlight the characters existing with new information, and touches lightly on some new ones. Nothing particularly substantial.
2 December 2010, 0:22 am  

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