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Rune Factory: Oceans official site properly launches Darth Paper Boy
The official website finally updated beyond the low-key blog posts last Friday. It's still a little lacking, not even having all the characters we already know about. Thankfully, adriasang translates some of it including the bits of new information such as opening of the story. Check the link for more specific details.

and now for the standard art update. This panel is from a Hsu and Chan comic in Electronic Gaming Monthly's February 2004 issue wherein the title characters set out to rig an awards show. I'd upload the whole page, but last I looked it wasn't on the official website and I don't feel like doing anything bad or something. So just dig out your own issues or use whatever fanciful internet ways there are to find it.
Artist: Jeremy "Norm" Scott
Artist Site/Blog: Here

If you have Harvest Moon or Rune Factory artwork you would like to submit to the gallery, please visit the Fan Art Submission page for more details.

Disclaimer: The art presented in these updates, naturally, belong to their respective artists and their characters to their respective owners. I, nor anyone else on RS staff (unless stated) have anything to do with them. If for whatever reason you don't want your art featured here, simply ask and the link, thumbnail, and image will be taken down.

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8 December 2010, 1:42 am  

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