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Winter Sets In Darth Paper Boy
Remember the scans I made a while back? Some information has been gleaned from them thanks to new RS forum member and Ushi No Tane resident cuc. If you wanted to know more background information on the Rune Factory world, now's your chance! Check it out: http://fogu.com/hmforum/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=131170

cuc's also been pretty handy in RFO news. One of our members also pointed out him posting on Ushi details about how Ymir works. Things of note include him having his own RP, that he houses your first farm area and monster pen, and that traversing the ocean is quite a task. Apparently a reporter walked for over three hours without meeting any sort of end. I was sorta hoping for more information in light of Jump Festa, but we take what we get.

Ah. Winter has finally officially set in. Finally, the chill in the air, snow on the ground, and ever-present Winter/Christmas themed songs on the radio feel justified. Did anyone perhaps see the Lunar Eclipse that marked the occcasion?
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Please visit and add to the wiki and have a Merry Christmas!
22 December 2010, 0:45 am  

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