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Rune Factory Oceans incoming! Darth Paper Boy
Been a bit since I posted. No really good reason for that, but in any case, some neat things have happened with Harvest Moon and Rune Factory Oceans since the last news post. Harvest Moon: Back to Nature has made it to the PSN successfully, Anette, Tabatha, and Candy have been confirmed to be making special appearances in Rune Factory Oceans, and the game itself is due out in Japan in 9 days! The official website is brimming with new character information including the 14 bachelors and bachelorettes and a handful of the townsfolk.

Of course, can't forget that it's Valentine's day as well. I'm sure this art by previously featured artist Sanoshi will be up to the task of representing the holiday. As with the last of Sanoshi's art, this was originally a request by a member of Ushi no Tane's forums.
Artist: Sanoshi
Artist Site/Blog: Here

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14 February 2011, 16:38 pm  

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