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Japanese Rune Factory Oceans released! Darth Paper Boy
Lots of new things are surfacing about the game now, thanks to Japanese playthroughs on youtube you can even get a taste of the game without going through all the trouble of importing. It's gonna be a long wait... I wonder who's going to localize this Rune Factory game? After their handling of Frontier, I'm hoping for X-Seed. Whatever your opinion, in case it's still up in the air maybe you can try letting Marvelous know!

Of course, with Rune Factory Oceans releasing, I made sure to find something to appease everyone for this update's fanart spotlight. I wonder who everyone's favorite is?
Artist: "もさお@RFOプレイ中@テスト"
Artist Site/Blog: Here

If you have Harvest Moon or Rune Factory artwork you would like to submit to the gallery, please visit the Fan Art Submission page for more details.

Please visit and add to the wiki! Especially if you have new RFO information!
3 March 2011, 15:58 pm  

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