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Natsume at E3 Kozunai
As many of you know, E3 is taking place this week. And Nintendo had it's press conference yesterday, with all the plethora of information that has been going out, it's easy for people to look over the lesser known games that would be there. And as we all know, Harvest Moon doesn't get near the attention that it should.

Natsume has brought with it four games to E3 this year: Gabriella's Ghostly Groove, Reel Fishing Paradise, Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny, and Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns.

While not much English info has been released for the new Harvest Moon game or the new Rune Factory game, we do have a few small tidbits of The Tale of Two Towns. IGN has posted a few pictures, and in those pictures some English names have popped up; Raspberry is now Georgia, Kamil is now Cam, Lia is Laney, and Nana is now Nori.

Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns for the 3DS is also playable at the Natsume Booth, and while camera's aren't allowed at E3, chances are someone was able to sneak one in there, so hopefully we will have a video soon of someone playing the game! Keep checking back for more information!
8 June 2011, 13:40 pm  

Comment 1jon2435
The E3 show was good. Very surprised with quite a few things. How bad CoD3 looks. There is only so many explosions I can see before I stop thinking it looks great. Battlefield 3 on the other hand looks like it's finally step up to the plate. Looks like good singleplayer and I know great multiplayer. Should be head and shoulders above CoD3. Skyrims dragons are so good it's nearly a spoiler to look at them in unscripted action. The massive effect of shouts are just jaw dropping. The combat combinations are going to be hard to get board of. First person melee as never looked so good. Nintendo's new line up and 3rd party support looks amazing. They're going for core gamers. Hearing that BF3 is heading to Nintendo is nothing short of cool. Skyward Sword looks great. I personally love sword fighting on Wii Sports Resort, but that's very limited on gameplay. Skyward Sword looks to be a great game.

Less of a surprise is Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny. Love Rune Factory or hate it, Tides is a huge improvement on the last console entry. Some better features are; better faster fighting system, monster driven farming that encourages monster taming, lack of the 'runey' food chain system that half killed Frontier, easier to use map that tracks NPCs, unique travel and exploration not just for the series, etc. It's still Rune Factory, but Neverland is doing some new stuff which is always nice.

E3 was fun to watch. A good show, not the best, but good.
11 June 2011, 16:53 pm

Comment 2jon2435
Also guys keep up the page. It's the best resource for information on the Harvest Moon and Rune Factory series. I think even your wiki isn't to par yet. Keep up good work. I personally enjoy this site and I am sure fans do too.
11 June 2011, 17:04 pm

Comment 3jostar
hi everone in uk rune factory 3 and harvest moon grand bazaar out on 26/08/2011.
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12 July 2011, 10:51 am

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