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Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns, tentative release date! Kozunai
According to GameStop's website, Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns is scheduled for release on September 13th.

Now I know that GameStop isn't the most reliable source for video game release dates, however; at this point in time, it is the only information we have. So until we hear otherwise we are going to go with this date, even though it is not set in stone.

Keep checking back for more updates!
17 June 2011, 14:41 pm  

Comment 1jostar
harvest moon tale of two towns is from uk or us or japan whick is it ? sorry my words love jostar.
11 July 2011, 13:12 pm

Comment 2XxCamluvsJordanxX
its for the us. um, I think europe gets it a bit later. ^_^ the preorder bonus plush is an alpaca(: Cam is my favorite(: He's like a mix between Vaughn and Skye(: Ahh... he's finee(:

Love, Jordan
29 July 2011, 17:17 pm

Comment 3MilkChan105
Hey, Gamestop is putting it out on September 11th now :) Can't wait!!!

Everyone's Favorite Hero,
Milk Chan
12 August 2011, 18:48 pm

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