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Harvest Moon: A New Beginning Officially Announced Darth Paper Boy
Natsume made a press release today that they will be localizing the latest 3DS Harvest Moon title previously known as "First Earth", "Land of Origins" and a few other unofficial variations on the Japanese "Hajimari no Daichi" name as "Harvest Moon: A New Beginning".

Celebrating what is now 15 years of the HM series, New Beginning boasts a new cast of characters, customization, vacations, and more! Check out our forums and wiki for information the community has compiled on the game.

Update: During E3, a pamphlet of upcoming 3DS games revealed that Harvest Moon: A New Beginning is slated for a Q4 release.

Update 2: The 15th Anniversary keeps on giving! Big Daisy May of our forums notified us that an art book had been released and I wasted no time snatching it up. Check out some scans by clicking here!
29 May 2012, 14:01 pm Comments (0)

Harvest Moon: First Earth Kozunai
As Darth reported earlier this month, Marvelous announced the first true Harvest Moon game for the Nintendo 3DS. Recently they held one of their conferences, and at this conference that showed a video of Harvest Moon: First Earth, so here it is for you all to see.

Harvest Moon: First Earth video

There are also other Nintendo 3DS videos, such as Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance.
26 October 2011, 12:29 pm Comments (9)

New Harvest Moon for 3DS announced! Darth Paper Boy
Harvest Moon Hajimari no Daichi was announced earlier today. Currently details are a little sparse, but the most exciting news is probably the ability to more fully customize your character! With this being the first (proper) 3DS outing for Harvest Moon, I'm sure we'll see plenty of interesting new things!

For now, to get the most details be sure to read up about the translated details for it on andriasang (Link 2), and the official Japanese website site for the game.

Don't forget our forums and wiki!
5 October 2011, 15:08 pm Comments (6)

Rune Factory 4 Kozunai
That's right, you heard me right! Marvelous is at it again, and this time it's Rune Factory 4! Rune Factory 4 will be released for the 3DS.

The biggest notable difference in this game and previous entries into the series is the ability to choose from a boy or girl at the beginning of the game. This is much different than the ability in Oceans. The male character's name is Lest, while the female lead has the name, Frey As with all other entries into the series (or at least the handheld ones) your character, whether male or female, has some form of amnesia (of course, how else could you have a decent game?). However; you will also have the ability to communicate with Dragons, to what extent this will be utilized in the game is unknown.

The relationship system has also changed in this entry. Now instead of going straight from friends to marriage (which has been the case with every entry in the Harvest Moon franchise, not just Rune Factory), you now have a boyfriend/girlfriend status, much like real life. It has also been confirmed that during this time of boyfriend/girlfriend you have the ability to have multiple partners. This is a big change in the series as it shows you cheating on your partner, something that hasn't been scene since Harvest Moon 64 where you could still propose to a girl even after they had married someone else, and had a child with that other person. So far two marriage candidates have been revealed. Margarete, an elf who plays music at some sort of dining hall, and Vishnal, someone who is training to be a butler.

Whenever you encounter a love interest for the first time a special movie will play, what this entails, we don't quite know yet.

Rune Factory 4 is coming to the 3DS, and is scheduled to be released later this year in Japan! Keep checking back for all your Harvest Moon and Rune Factory needs!
30 June 2011, 11:00 am Comments (20)

Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns, tentative release date! Kozunai
According to GameStop's website, Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns is scheduled for release on September 13th.

Now I know that GameStop isn't the most reliable source for video game release dates, however; at this point in time, it is the only information we have. So until we hear otherwise we are going to go with this date, even though it is not set in stone.

Keep checking back for more updates!
17 June 2011, 14:41 pm Comments (3)

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