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Coverage on "The island that grows with you" Begun! Kyle
We have begun to write content on the latest Harvest moon game in Japan, Kimi to Sodatsu Shima. Right now, the introduction page is up, along with Goran's Craft, Chen's Goods, and Maseru's Livestock.

The Island that Grows with you Coverage
To reach it from home, click on the golden house (new games) and then choose the game.

No, my game has not arrived yet, but should do soon hopefully. I have compiled these all together thanks to internet resources on japanese websites and other sources.
If there are any mistakes, please e-mail us about them!
People moved in today: Ariella, Chen, Charlie, Julia, Maseru.
3 February 2007, 14:09 pm  

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It was a great pleasure for me to visit and enjoy your site. Keep it running!
2 December 2007, 16:23 pm

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Excellent site - do keep up the good work.
2 December 2007, 20:37 pm

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ho! get go!
2 December 2007, 22:26 pm

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Very interesting.
3 December 2007, 0:18 am

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You are the best! Im glad...
3 December 2007, 18:03 pm

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Hi! lonely hort!
3 December 2007, 21:39 pm

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