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Check it out! Kyle
Black sheep, black cows, and different colour horses on HM Wii.

New Commercial
New Characters

18 May 2007, 13:10 pm Comments (11)

Dry spell FINALLY over Kyle

There was a bit of a dry spell there for Harvest Moon news but we're back with more!

For a whole bunch of screenshots and art go here ~ *thanks to mattdog*

New character art released for a new marriable character, Juli (the one with purple coloured hair). Official art released for Ose's redesign and Rina's redesign too. I think I know who I'll be marrying!
Also, theres a map of the island, which is called "niji no obi" island, in other words, "Rainbow's sash" island.
12 May 2007, 12:26 pm Comments (9)

ToP site update Kyle
Official Tree of Peace (Serenity) Site updated once more. It adds a small section on the minigames like horseracing and a couple new non-marriable characters.
Rucola, Cresson and Cole.
4 May 2007, 14:57 pm Comments (5)

Official Tree of Peace Site updated Kyle

Looks like ducks will also be making a return. woo!
Also, two new marriable characters have been revealed. One is Roomi (Who looks way too young to be marriable and is Kotomi's little sister) and the other is a guy called Calvin
What I want to know is, where is Rina/Leena!?

27 April 2007, 12:25 pm Comments (24)

Animals In Tree of peace Kyle
Just a small piece of news. There will be ostriches (which you can ride) weasels, bears, penguins, monkeys aaaand...even pandas!

Also, I was watching tv and a harvest moon DS commercial came on that was so amazing! here it is..

24 April 2007, 12:02 pm Comments (15)

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