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Rune Factory section up! Marie
Not only is the Kimi to Sodatsu Shima section up (Kyle and I should be getting that game next week!!), but the Rune Factory section is up now, too! I'll be will be working on that, helping with the Kimi-shima section, and the making the Sprite's Station for Girl sections in the next few weeks.

Info up for Rune Factory: Character info, marriage info, caverns, festivals and events.

I also created a character page for Kimi-shima. There's very little up right now, but expect it to be updated constantly!
People moved in today: Valuts, Eric, Mark, Keria, Mooky, Leia, Celia, Flora.
3 February 2007, 19:50 pm  

Comment 1Jack
Good work, looks a little squished now but once you two get the game I have a feeling everything will be covered quite in-depth. Keep it coming....
4 February 2007, 2:21 am

Comment 2Matt
I fixed that link issue we were having, where the layout would get all messed. Turned out to require a lot of coding o.0 You can see it if you view the source code at the very bottom XP Why I had to do that is beyond me, but oh well, it's done.
4 February 2007, 13:18 pm

Comment 3Marie
I know the Kimi-shima character page is squished; I wrote all that late at night and just wanted to put it up. =P I'm gonna give the main characters their own pages. I'll try to have that done by the end of today. (I still have some homework to do, too. ;.;)
4 February 2007, 13:28 pm

Comment 4Milk
Good Job :D I can't wait till Rune Factory is released in the US!! I think that it's great you have the little proposal texts up :)
14 February 2007, 17:19 pm

Comment 5wetcoert
hey.. thank you man
9 December 2007, 6:21 am

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