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Animals In Tree of peace Kyle
Just a small piece of news. There will be ostriches (which you can ride) weasels, bears, penguins, monkeys aaaand...even pandas!

Also, I was watching tv and a harvest moon DS commercial came on that was so amazing! here it is..

24 April 2007, 12:02 pm Comments (15)

Wow, an update? Marie
...Ahem. Sorry for the delay in updates. I (somehow) sustained a minor but painful spine/neck injury and had to lay low for a couple of weeks. But I'm getting better. So I've done a little bit of work on the Kimi-shima section. Basic info on heart events are almost done! Yay! Each character has 8 different events, not counting the proposal event (although you can only see a max of 4 events per person) so that's a lot of events to write about! I also have some comics to translate...

In other news, Marvelous Interactive has announced a tentative release date of 7 June 2007 for the Japanese version of Yasuragi no Ki (Wii), while Natsume has announced a May release for the North American version of Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon (PSP), and a 7 July 2007 release for the NA version of Rune Factory: A Fantacy Harvest Moon (NDS - and yes, 'Fantasy' seems to be spelled with a "c" and not an "s" in some places). They have gameplay videos and such, so check 'em out!
21 April 2007, 23:07 pm Comments (7)

To celebrate the american release of the New generation of pokemon - Diamond and Pearl, Ranch story has turned Pokemon crazy!

If you aren't thinking about getting the game, why not!? I imported the japanese version and its awesome! I totally reccomend it. If thats not an incentive enough, Ill send you some pokemon over the wifi like bulbasaur or any other starter!

The games go on sale on April 22nd. That is, THIS Sunday, so get them while you can!

19 April 2007, 19:34 pm Comments (19)





Also, it seems Magical Melody will be released as a Wii game in Europe, maybe its worth the wait? you tell us.
19 April 2007, 2:47 am Comments (9)

Tree of Peace Kyle
18 April 2007, 18:02 pm Comments (12)

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