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Lots of news Kyle
Okay its really late and Im really tired so Im gonna edit this later but yeah.
Theres an interview with the creator of harvest moon going around, I saw it but I need to find a link again.
and gee, yet another interview! XP
yawn, another interview, Man, who do I talk to about interviewing the creator of harvest moon?! I want to do it too! ;_;


Also the tree of peace website updated with a few interesting things, nothing we havent seen though. BUT, there is a commercial up that shows a short snippet of you riding your ostrich - awesome. Man I don't know about you, but Im starting to like the new art style!

other than that, the official rune factory 2 site is up too but theres nothing there yet.

13 April 2007, 20:15 pm Comments (12)

Wooh! just when I post news about no news, this comes out!

The first scan of Runefactory 2 has come out which you can see in a link below, and the main character is called.. KYLE! =D Im so happy~
It sorta looks like me too...in a way..sort of....they were so totally thinking of me when they designed him!

Rune factory 2 scan
Another Rune factory 2 scan
Tree of Peace scan
11 April 2007, 8:19 am Comments (17)

Whats new? Kyle
Not much is new, Theres a few screenshots on the japanese homepage of the Tree of Peace site showing this pond in spring and then in winter which looks pretty nice.
Other than that, The debate whether Chihaya is a boy or a girl still goes on. Myself, I think she's a girl, but who knows?

In other news, I have finally been working on the forums, which you can click on the train to visit. I've made a fair few changes here and there so if you haven't joined yet, Why not check it out now?
10 April 2007, 20:00 pm Comments (3)

Welcome to Waffle town! Kyle
Yes, The town in tree of peace is called waffle town, surprised? you will be in a minute.
Just out some new scans which you can see below which confirm your child helping out, AND...get this...OSTRICHES O_O


28 March 2007, 9:31 am Comments (17)

Yasuragi no Ki site Update Kyle
The official site updated with some new art for characters and stuff.


Edit: The official The island I grew up on site also updated with artwork of the Mineral town characters.

25 March 2007, 18:32 pm Comments (5)

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