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Not much but... Marie
I did a few updates on the Kimi-shima section today. Rival events are now COMPLETE!! Yay~~. I wish heart events were complete, but... Not yet. Someday, though!

Here's a little reminder. It seems some people are having trouble navigating the site? To get to the game info pages, you click on the houses on the right.
New games is the gold house.

Games that take place in Forget-me-not Valley (AWL, AnWL, HMDS, etc.) are represented by the house with the green grass on top of it.

The house with the flower on top represents the games that take place in Flowerbud Village:

The house with the hammer atop it is, of course, for the Mineral Town series:

And the run down old house is where you'll find the old games:

Most of those sections are still under construction, though.
11 March 2007, 21:17 pm Comments (6)

Forums Up Matt
Finally got around to putting up the 'new' forums :P Go post and stuff.

EDIT: There seems to be a few login issues on the site. Please ignore them for the time being.
3 March 2007, 18:57 pm Comments (43)

More on Wii Matt
The official site for Harvest Moon Wii has been updated :P Go take a look.

3 March 2007, 15:14 pm Comments (31)

Search Feature Matt
While Akie's update is far more important, I just wanted to point out that we now have a search feature XD You can click the puppy to get there.

NGamer Reviews.
Harvest Moon On An Island With You (NDS, Marvelous): 81
20 February 2007, 13:49 pm Comments (7)

Kimi to Sodatsu Shima info Marie
Figured it was about time to make a news update; we're more than halfway through the month of February.

Kyle and I have been working hard on the Kimi to Sodatsu Shima section, so check it out! We've still got a ways to go, though! Oh, and please excuse the typos for now. We'll get around to fixing them. =P

I may start doing a translation guide if people think that's necessary. Translation guides take a lot of time though~.
19 February 2007, 21:38 pm Comments (2)

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