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Shameless Promotion HMFarmer
No news this time around from me, rather a proposition for you that check this site:

Do you want to relive the old good days, when Harvest Moon was just beginning? If so, go check out the forums; we're going to try a playthrough based on the classic games. The more people playing the better! Tell everyone and anyone who is interested! =)

Link: Know Your Roots
20 November 2010, 13:07 pm Comments (1)

Rune Factory: Oceans has some pretty fast load times. Darth Paper Boy
That more or less covers this week's news as far as I know. But don't just take my word for it.

This week we celebrate the RF3 release properly and show this one off. If I remember, it was done kinda soon after RF3's release, so it turned out pretty well I think. Unfortuantely, the artist didn't actually do much more art... though if you're a fan of Raven/Toona, the rest all feature her!
Artist: "紫"
Artist Site/Blog: Here

If you have Harvest Moon or Rune Factory artwork you would like to submit to the gallery, please visit the Fan Art Submission page for more details.

Don't forget to visit and add to the wiki!
17 November 2010, 0:33 am Comments (2)

Rune Factory 3 release! And other stuff! Darth Paper Boy
Seems like, for once, Natsume managed to get a release out without major push backs! Wow! For those in North America, go seek out your game... or wait for the mail. Depending.

In other news, Rune Factory Oceans has gotten a few updates. Some new characters have been announced, and you can read more about it here.

I think it's time to do another of these, and this time a little bit interesting. These are chocolates made by the appropriately named "happydesserttime" and feature not only the most recognizable group of girls, but also some of the ever present barnyard animals. I think this is not only our first edible art update, but also the first one readily up for sale! Check it out!
Artist: "happydesserttime"
Artist Site/Blog: Here

If you have Harvest Moon or Rune Factory artwork you would like to submit to the gallery, please visit the Fan Art Submission page for more details.

Disclaimer: The art presented in these updates, naturally, belong to their respective artists and their characters to their respective owners. I, nor anyone else on RS staff (unless stated) have anything to do with them. If for whatever reason you don't want your art featured here, simply ask and the link, thumbnail, and image will be taken down.

Don't forget to visit and add to the wiki!
10 November 2010, 1:19 am Comments (1)

Buncha news Darth Paper Boy
Though I mostly stick to art, apparently I gotta make some more interesting posts now. Anyway, starting with the most important (to the site anyway)...

All of our content is being converted to wiki
Well, that's not entirely true. It already was. It's just hasn't been shown on the front page or anything. The wiki can be found here and it's still a bit ugly since most of it was just ported straight over. We've got a buncha templates ready already and improving just takes a bit of effort. It is completely open to editing, so please join in!

Harvest Moon/Rune Factory related news
Notably, Rune Factory 3 is up for pre-order now, Rune Factory Oceans has apparently been announced for PS3 and Wii, but there's little information except Famitsu and a siliconera post, HM64 isn't coming to the virtual console though BtN is being looked into, and the PC HM game is apparently having a beta, but for Japan only. How unfair.

In the art department...
'cause I have to. Anyone who was interested has probably noticed that the Rune Factory Art Book scans haven't been coming as often as they should. Or at all. This is mostly because of a combination of laziness and a slew of random computer problems preventing me from scanning. The latest of which has decided to destroy my harddrive completely.

However, fans may be interested in the artist of the series's blog right now. He's gotten into posting art more often, as well as posting about some Western HM things. Though I can't read it very well, it sure seems interesting.

And finally, ClassicTyler has uploaded all of the music from HM64, Tree of Tranquility, and Animal Parade to listen to on Youtube. Quite a lovely listen.
15 October 2010, 22:07 pm Comments (1)

Grand Bazaar is here! HMFarmer
For those of you who don't know, Grand Bazaar has been released in North America today! After the pushback, fans should be pleased to know it's finally here.
24 August 2010, 16:24 pm Comments (4)

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