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Kimishima Arrives! Matt
Kyle and Marie finally got their copies :D It seems they can't be dragged away from them long enough however, so expect updates soon xP

People moved in today: Cliff, Rouku, Tarou, Lily, Natalie, Ferena, Ceffiena, Chelsea, Danny, Roven, Darshan, Shiba, Popuri, Pierre, ???, Rina, Kotomi, Tao, Goddess, Laguna, Fariina, Karen, Tito, Ellen, Carl, Meryl, Witch Goddess, Wada.
5 February 2007, 19:18 pm  

Comment 1Jack
Awesome, there will finally be some original content. XD Now that they both have their copies I think there content will come in like in loads and loads of pages. Well have fun you two, hope to see content soon.
5 February 2007, 19:25 pm

Comment 2Marie
Stuff'll be added little by little; don't expect an announcement each time we update. `^.~- I haven't gotten to play much yesterday and today (too busy), but tomorrow is a day off so expect some updated character info, hehe~.
6 February 2007, 22:27 pm

Comment 3Matt
I hear Kyle's already in his second year XD
6 February 2007, 22:36 pm

Comment 4Marie
He is, and I'm only in summer of year 1. Ah well. I'll catch up to him tomorrow. ^^;;;;
6 February 2007, 22:47 pm

Comment 5Matt
I must admit I'm rather jealous :( I started playing Sprite Station to keep my mind off it XP
6 February 2007, 22:49 pm

Comment 6usagi_peace
Thanks for the making the content it's very useful. You guys have saved me a lot.
9 February 2007, 5:23 am

Comment 7IllegalCarrot
And I'm here. New site is awesome.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to some good content!
16 February 2007, 15:49 pm

Comment 8HGFoMT
Hey guys, HGF here. AWESOME new site =D
24 February 2007, 18:35 pm

Comment 9Gustafa-fan
Where can you join, I was a former member of evergreen and I was about to add a chapter :(, so where can you sign up
6 March 2007, 20:32 pm

Comment 10Matt
Join what? the site? There's a link on the bottom of the page.
7 March 2007, 8:19 am

Comment 11Gustafa-fan
Thanks, the one with the house
7 March 2007, 16:07 pm

Comment 12Gustafa-fan
Thanks, the one with the house, also, does my evergreen acocunt work on this Ranch Story one?
7 March 2007, 16:10 pm

Comment 13Matt
No it doesn't.
8 March 2007, 0:20 am

Comment 14gustafalover1
OK then, I was Gustafa-fan, now I'm gustafalover1, i dunno what the one is for, but thanks for your help
8 March 2007, 14:02 pm

Comment 15gustafalover1
Oh yeah, which person is ???
9 March 2007, 17:09 pm

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