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Harvest Moon: Animal Parade
Harvest Moon: Animal Parade Box Art
Harvest Moon: Animal Parade Box Art
Japanese Title: 牧場物語わくわくアニマルマーチ (Bokujou Monogatari Wakuwaku Animaru Maachi)
Translation: Ranch Story: Exciting Animal March
Developer(s): Marvelous Interactive
Publisher(s): Natsume Co., Ltd
Platform(s): Nintendo Wii
Release Dates: Image:JPN.gif: October 30, 2008
Image:NTSC.gif: November 12, 2009
Image:PAL.gif: December 3, 2010
Player(s): 1
Online: No
Rating(s): E (Everyone)
Media(s): Disc
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There will be two new main characters, as well as all the bachelors and bachelorettes from Tree of Tranquility returning. The Harvest God (known as the Harvest King in the English version) will make his first real appearance outside of DS Cute. There is also a lion, giraffe, elephant, zebra, hippo, and a lemur in a circus that comes to town once every season.

"A new installment in the popular simulation series, "Bokujou Monogatari", is finally underway! Many new animals are available in this latest work. You will be able to raise many kinds of animals like elephants, lions, hippos, and ostriches. If you become friends with the animals, then you will be well on your way to making a lively farm/ranch. Of course, you can cooperate with the animals in your work, and it will be possible to take them with you. And what's more, like a pet, you will be able to teach the animals tricks! Almost like a circus, you will be able to have fun and play with your animals. Let's gather various animals and enjoy a new farming lifestyle!" - Translation by Nurse Fin


  • You can play as either a boy or girl!
  • Grow coffee bean trees
  • Have two kids
  • More pets
  • Play as Tree of Tranquility characters!
  • Supports Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection (Japanese Version Only)
  • Take photos
  • After completing the Main Storyline, you can choose to replay the game as your own child. You would have to complete the entire storyline again (there are no changes to it), ringing the bells and calling the Harvest King down. This time, you will start the game with a Goddess Watering Can and a Goddess Hoe and other tools, and also a maximum stamina bar. You will have maximum experience level with all the tools.

You can marry as well.

Innovations to the series

  • The ability to ride every type of livestock
  • The ability to milk sheep

Characters introduced in this game

  • The Harvest King: The mighty Harvest King summoned by the ringing of all five bells. (Real name listed on character page)
  • Roy: The rival child who is the son of Owen and Kathy.
  • Lucy: The rival child who is the daughter of Luke and Selena.
  • Vivian: The rival child who is the daughter of Gil and Luna.
  • The Wizard: A fortune teller who lives in Harmonica Town. (Real name listed on character page)
  • The Witch: A witch who lives deep in Fugue Forest. (Real name listed on character page)


  • On a stormy day, walk into the middle of the entrance bridge to Harmonica Town. Using your camera, look into the cave. You may see a Kappa sticking its head out of the water.
  • A rubber duck and a gnome will appear in various spots around your farmland, depending on the weather. Some locations are only visible with the camera item.
  • Web sites that have ripped the game disc for the soundtrack have found numerous sound files from Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility as well as numerous unused sound files. Strangely enough, the sound files from Tree of Tranquility were of better quality on the Animal Parade disc.
  • As the seasons change, the outfit of the villagers change too.

At a Glance

screenshot1_t.jpg screenshot2_t.jpg screenshot6_t.jpg screenshot7_t.jpg

Japanese Logo


Disappearing Child Glitch

There is a glitch in the game that will cause your children to go missing completely, and besides temporarily returning for Child's Day, permanently. Though some confuse this with the Missing Child events, this does not involve any cutscenes, and when your child is tracked, they are listed in an area called "None Area Name". Though the glitch is known to affect both the American and Japanese versions of the game, at the time of writing. It has been confirmed by a moderator of the Natsume Message Board that the glitch is also found in the European/PAL Version. Fortunately though, the glitch appears to be very rare, with most players never experiencing it, let alone hearing of it. More information can be obtained here, in the Disappearing Child Glitch FAQ
Unconfirmed Possible Fix: Turning the Music Volume down to zero in the options menu seems to make the child disappear. Upon turning the music back up, the child will reappear again.

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